Other Gems

This whimsical children's book was written for Cadbury to explain why chocolate is given to children at Easter. It was part of an engaging campaign that included a tv show, national school program and website. The book is now a collector's item!

True to their ground-breaking "Real Beauty" strategy, when Dove launched unique haircare products, they interviewed six real women about their lifestyle and hair needs. The results were featured in this insert, which appeared in over 20 Transcontinental consumer magazines across Canada, as well as their website.

When superstar skateboarder Tony Hawk made his first Canadian appearance, local "sk8rs" flipped out! This trailblazer carved the way for skateboarding to be taken seriously, and was also a family man and role model.

Billionaire entrepreneur, tri-athlete and community philanthropist David Cynamon welcomed me to his palatial home to explain why he was dancing in Baycrest's "Dancing with our Stars" fundraiser. The event raised over $1 million.





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