Other Gems



An exciting discovery at Baycrest showed that being bilingual can delay dementia by up to four years. This discovery was showcased in the 2008 issue of Baycrest Foundation Breakthroughs magazine. A unique glossy perfect bound publication focused on research editorial tied to donor funding, Breakthroughs was distributed by insertion into 70,000 Globe and Mail subscriber issues, and 30,000 issues of the Canadian Jewish News.

"Memory and the Machine" explains how everyday technology can be harnessed to help individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and was featured in the 2008 Baycrest Foundation Breakthroughs.

"Brain Food" examined the facts and fallacies about diets that can help promote good brain health. It appeared in the 2009 Baycrest Foundation Breakthroughs.

"Mind over Mood" focused on the many benefits of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and appeared in the 2010 Baycrest Foundation Breakthroughs.

With the phenomenal success of Baycrest Foundation Breakthroughs, it was decided to merge the Foundation publication with Baycrest Centre's Bulletin and rename it … Baycrest Breakthroughs. This article about the therapeutic effects of mindful meditation appeared in the Winter 2010 issue. Recently, Baycrest Breakthroughs won a national Health Care Public Relations Association (HCPRA) Hygeia Award.





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