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This textbook is used by individuals who are studying to be automotive technicians in Canada.  For each of the 52 chapters in this 1,500 page book, there is a test bank of 40 to 50 questions. My assignment was to ensure the answer for each question was included in the matching chapter, and make any necessary changes.  It was a wonderful opportunity to help educate future generations of Canadian automotive technicians.

When Auto Showplace, a prominent used car dealership in Toronto, asked me to help them connect with their existing customer base, we decided a bi-weekly e-blast would be the most effective first step. These e-blasts provide hands-on information to help prolong the life of your car, encourage safe driving habits, and save money.

The Caledon Citizen owns a number of community newspapers north of Toronto and launched a monthly "Motoring" section in May. They asked me to write feature editorial about automotive issues as well as local car dealer profiles. In response to overwhelming demand, "Motoring" is now bi-weekly.

In addition to being Canada’s first lady of ballet, Karen Kain loves her Infiniti I30.  What a delight it was to interview this gracious icon of Canadian culture!

One of the disadvantages of buying a car privately is the possibility of falling prey to a curbsider, an illegal car dealer who poses as a private seller. This Toronto Star article outlined how car consumers can avoid these criminals.

For vertically challenged drivers, shopping for a car involves a few extra hurdles. This car buying adventure was most enlightening and yielded some surprising results.

There are few cars that offer a driving experience as exciting, affordable and reliable as the Mazda Miata. This sexy ride also put me in touch with my inner femme fatale!

Although women account for half the driving population, and 75 per cent of car purchasing decisions are influenced by women, there are very few women mechanics. I asked two of them for their take on this paradox – and why it didn't stand in their way.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) is the automobile dealers’ self-management body for all of Ontario. It was a pleasure to develop, research, write and edit the organization’s newsletter, The Dealer Standard, which is now published three times a year.


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